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Are you...

Trying to raise your kids and keep your spouse/partner happy, while feeling stressed, exhausted, and like you’re failing to try to keep everything together?

Trust me, you aren’t alone and there is hope. Moms Who Rise was created to help moms rediscover their authentic self while providing tools to help manage the chaos. Isn’t it time you started creating a more-fulfilling life while embracing motherhood?

Coaching, Community, & Mentorship Programs For Moms

Rise Academy

A 12-week mentorship program for moms who want to plant and grow the seed of personal development through training and action.

rise inner circle

A monthly “gym membership for your mind” for moms who want to learn, increase their confidence, and connect with other moms.

Accountability Group Coaching Program for Moms


A 12-week accountability group coaching program for moms who want support to achieve their goals.

Moms Who Rise Conference

Conferences & Events

Our in-person and virtual conferences, workshops, and mom socials are about growth, community, and celebrating mom-life. 

moms speak out

Angela Garcia Coach & Mom

Meet Angela Garcia

Mom of 3 and founder of moms who rise

Angela was a teacher, but found herself having to make a decision that was financially smart for her family, quitting, and becoming a stay at home mom. After leaving teaching, she found herself constantly stressed, yelling at her boys, and arguing with her husband. She felt as if something was missing in her life and couldn’t figure out what it was. After accepting an invitation from a friend to be a part of a pilot coaching program, she identified what was missing and began to feel alive again. Inspired, she started Moms Who Rise to bring and share that same joy with other moms.

Angela Garcia and Family