5 Reasons To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

“Going after your goals and dreams once you have become a Mom feels like you are navigating the ocean in a little rowboat searching for your destination and getting nowhere.  There are times you feel like you are stuck and rowing towards your goals is impossible, they feel so far away. You’re paddling really hard trying to never give up on your dreams.  Some days are easier than others. We are here to tell you to never quit rowing. Motherhood and all of life’s craziness is not our reason to quit, it’s our reason why. You should never give up on your dreams and goals, never!”

Here’s 5 Reasons to Never Give Up On Your Dreams

1. Your inner little girl

Growing up you had a dream, maybe you would someday be a princess, a mermaid, a lawyer or even a doctor. You believed you were invincible. Somewhere deep inside you she is still there. She is rooting for you and helping you row your boat. If you sat down and had a conversation with her, would she be proud of who you are? Would she be excited for what you are doing? We know it is hard to tap into her, but we know that this is a must. Tapping into our inner little girl helps believe and dream again. She inspires us. We encourage you to go down memory lane and remember your dreams as a little girl- let your imagination go wild just like she used to. What did she want to be? How have you made her proud? Then use her go- getter personality to help you with your current vision and goals.

2.  You are an example to your children.

Your children are always watching what you do. They watch they way you walk, the way you talk,  the way you respond in different situations? Have you ever had that moment and wondered where you thought where did he/ she get that from? Or heard him/her repeat a word they shouldn’t have? And if you sit there and reflect on their actions you realize they are a mini version of you. If they see you quit they will quit, if they say you speak in a negative way so will they. If you have a positive attitude full of gratitude so will they. We cannot tell our kids they can be anything they want to be if they do not see us crushing our goals. You must lead by example.

  1.  Achieving your dreams leads to bigger dreams!

As we accomplish our goals we become more confident and begin to have bigger dreams. For example, you went for an interview and you got the job. Now that you have accomplished that and you begin to test the waters you start to envision yourself as the manager, making more money and having a little more freedom so that becomes your next goal. After you get a feel for management you realize you can own your business. Do you see the ripple effect of achieving one dream? As we conquer our goals we become more confident and are not as scared of taking the next steps. You just have to believe in yourself!

  1. What will you share with your grandkids?

Imagine yourself as an old woman sitting on your porch in a rocking chair sharing stories with your grandkids, reflecting back on your life.  How would you feel if you missed the opportunity to make your dream come true? What message does that give your grandchildren? What do you want to share with them? What legacy are you leaving behind? How will your life story encourage them to dream BIG?

5. You deserve it!

Momma, you deserve it, you deserve to do what you have always dreamt of. There is no mommy manual that says, give up, life is over, it is all in our heard. You can create the life you dream of as you embrace motherhood every single day. Don’t have time? Get off social media, wake up before everyone else does or go to sleep after everyone does and make things happen.  You work hard, and give your all you to everyone around you, now do the same for yourself. Momma time is not selfish it is self-love. It’s not too late, if you have it in your heart, you can make it a reality, you just have to believe. Make the time you need to turn your dreams into reality. You deserve it! We believe in you!

In Motherhood,

Mariah & Angela