Are you running on empty?

Our Mom instinct is to take care of everyone else, we are always on the go. But the truth is when it comes to taking care of ourselves we run on empty. We as moms have set that expectation for ourselves, believe it or not? We believe there are four pillars you must master so that you are not running on empty.

Here are 4 tips to help you become the fuel to your fire.

Tip number 1: Practice self-care/ self- love.  Create a routine whether that means  – taking a walk, having a girl’s night out, meal prepping nutritious meals for our families so that you are not eating out all the time, finding a hobby that you like to do.

What do you feel happy doing? For yourself? If you only practice this tip and not the other 3 you’re only ¼ full and we all know ¼ tank in our car only gets us so far.

Tip number 2: Pursuit of your passion- What is it that you truly love to do? What sets your soul on fire? Do you love working out? Have you ever thought of making money off of that passion? Do you loving doing hair and makeup? How can you turn that skill into a business? Maybe your bilingual and love to interpret and translate for others? If you had help opening your own business, would you? Have you done research on what the state requires if there are any requirements? When we change our mindset and start turning our passion into a business we begin to see a bigger picture your vision can become reality. Establish goals to make a part time passion into a full time passion. Sometimes you have to give up some things to create space to do passion projects. Create a list of everything you do and find a way of eliminating some things and possibly find a way to have someone else help you! If you practice tip 1 and 2 now your ½ way full.

Tip number 3: Family- Don’t lose sight of the most important people in your life. Be present. Turn off your phone and just spend time with them. Find a day that is dedicated to family time- we know this can be challenging but it’ll make a world of difference if you are able to just spend time with your kids and be present.  When you block out time or a full day to spend with those you love, they will appreciate it & you will feel good doing it! My mind does not turn off so it’s hard for me to step away from my projects but we need to turn off and be present. If you practice tip 1, 2, and 3 now you are ¾ full. We are almost there, but not quite full.

Tip number 4: Humor or let go!- let’s be honest none of this is easy. Chaos happens and life gets ahead of you. Expect messes! You have to let go of perfection. Our kids will only be little for so long and to enjoy them, cleaning can wait! Your kid is going to spill his or her drink- oh well, move on. Your kid house may not always be perfect or super clean, oh well. We believe practicing these 4 tips will help you become the fuel to your fire.

Practice these tips, and let us know how it helps you run on full!

Mom To Mom,
Mariah & Angela