Can we camp in our backyard?

“Can we camp in our backyard?” My boys have been asking this for a couple of Summers now and every year I find an excuse but not this year, last weekend we actually took out our tent and camped in our backyard. My boys were so excited and cannot wait to do it again.

The little girl inside of me was super excited to camp in our backyard, it was like a new adventure. I was excited, we got our blankets, got the flashlight, and then my husband decided to join us. My boys fell asleep and I laid their just enjoying the quiet. I was proud of myself for actually going through with it. I had been avoiding it for a couple of years now.

I was avoiding it because my MOM brain was only thinking of the work. I didn’t want to put the tent up and then have to put it away the next day, that sounded too exhausting. I did not want to blow up the mattresses for one night, too much work. I was overthinking it and almost said NO again. BUT I am glad that I didn’t. We really enjoyed it and we were excited that my husband tapped into his inner child and decided to join us because he was having the same thought process I was having- why are we doing this?

We get so busy making a life, that we forget to live. We focus on all the work that we forget to play. Play is important for all of us. It helps release stress and helps stimulate your mind and boost creativity and it helps keep you young and energetic. We can learn a lot from our kids if we just stop and pay attention. Kids appreciate simplicity in so many ways. Adults tend to overcomplicate things that should be quite simple.

Here are 3 quick tips that you can do TODAY to tap into your inner child.

  1. Play. Play with your kids, color, take out the chalk and color on the cement, jump on the trampoline, get in the pool- yes moms get in the pool. Dance, sing out loud, do things that bring joy to your life. When was the last time you did something you really enjoy?
  2. Say YES. Say yes to the outdoors and trying new things. When was the last time you were outdoors and just explored?
  3. Laugh. Kids laugh at the silliest things-sometimes it’s at nothing at all. When was the last time you laughed, particularly at something that wasn’t funny?