Futurecasting was our Friday night!

Last night we had dinner and talked amongst women who are ready to rise!  Angela and I  spoke on the Stop, Start and Continue method of what our future self will look like.

What comes to your mind when you think of Stop, Start and Continue?

Do you believe people can change?  Change is hard but it is not impossible.  We have trained ourselves to reclaim who we are by practicing gratitude, surrounding ourselves with inspirational women, reading and stepping out of our comfort zones to name a few. It’s inspiring to see when people grow and change because it’s unusual as our brains are always on default and on safe mode. We wake up, we have a certain thought, then we keep doing the same routine, routines are things we are not aware of, it’s a repetition.  Hard wirings is meant to save us energy.  The brain likes to conserve energy to stay safe.  That is why it takes 21 days to form a habit and depending on the habit it can take 90- days or more to make a habit a lifestyle.  A new habit is a blank canvas, which freaks out our brain!  Research proves that when you can picture the furutreyou, it gives you the motivation to push yourself in the present moment. This is why vision boards are so powerful, they help you envision the future you and it’s a great coping mechanism for the stress you experience today.  There was an experiment done where researchers showed people their own pictures digitally aged they began to save for retirement because they had the vision of themselves in the future, we all took a photo and were able to envision our future self, it 30 + years.  Is it what we want to look like? Most of us agreed, we need to make changes for our future self.  If you could see yourself in the future and know that the things you are doing now will affect who you are in a positive or negative way you would change. Most people do not save for retirement because they think it’s a long time from now but when they see that picture it gives them an image and it helps them make that change and begin saving for when they get there.  Most people don’t change because they do not know how to, they feel stuck.  So we suggest you begin to envision your future self and the area you want to improve in your life right now or in all areas of your life for that matter!

Digging deep into their future self and what they can Stop, Start and Continuing doin was a little uncomfortable for some, but how will they be different today?

What will you Stop, Start and Continue doing?

Join us for the next Real Mom’s