Happy New Year

As we began to envision what we wanted to make of our business It’s a Mom Lifestyle and The Real Moms Time Out we knew we had to branch out and begin to explore and do things we really had not done together before. We found a conference here in Denver called Women Creating Our Futures, it was a 3 day conference so we decided to go, we let Mom guilt get the best of us and decided it was best if we drove back and forth for the weekend instead of staying in a hotel. Driving back and forth worked for us because we were able to discuss our growth and our ideas from the conference. Friday night was a fun introduction to the conference it was about 2 hours and we went with an open mind ready to grow and be a little selfish on a Friday night. We found seat up in front and enjoyed the table to ourselves. Nobody likes to sit in the front right? We were brave and did it, we were ready!

Saturday morning we left at about 6:30 in the morning and I (Angela) freaked out because my curling iron would not turn on, so I had to rock my frizzy hair, I do not know if it was my good mood or if the universe was on my side, because honestly my hair didn’t look bad and I actually was okay with how it looked, which never happens because I have the frizziest hair I usually have to straighten it then curl it. 🙂 We arrived and sat in the front this time we had some amazing women sit with us and it was so much fun to meet a new group of women. The speakers were incredible, the environment was inviting and the conference was so full of great information that our brains were going everywhere with ideas. We enjoyed lunch and began brainstorming. We both said we felt a little selfish then realized we were not selfish we were just practicing self love by taking care of ourselves for the weekend and helping our vision become a reality.

Mamas our message to you is take that step do something you have always wanted to do. Spending money ourselves isn’t easy, growing is uncomfortable but it will help you believe in yourself and you will begin taking steps to live the life you desire. This weekend changed our lives, it changed our mentality, it helped us believe that the huge vision we had for our business was a reality.

Happy New Year!