Lake McConaughy

I am a perfectionist and I have been trying to let that go for the past 2 years, today I’m glad I did. My husband decided a few weeks go we would go to Lake McConaughy for 1 week and I FREAKED. I immediately tried reserving a spot to come and everything was reserved, I panicked and was wanting to postpone until we found a reservation.

I am glad we didn’t wait it was a much needed getaway. We spent 5 night, 6 days in Nebraska. This was our first time not celebrating the 4th at home and venturing on our own camping trip. We have never planned a camping trip on our own, so I had a lot of planning to do. I did convince my husband to buy a camper, and I am glad I did. Our first night was perfect we arrived and found the perfect spot, it was right in front of the lake in a little hidden spot my uncle introduced us to a few years ago. We were in heaven, the sunset was perfect, it was quiet and our boys were enjoying the lake.

Tuesday was full of unexpected events. My husband my sisters boyfriend went off on the jet ski and took a couple hours to come back, I panicked, I normally do, afer asking our camping neighbors to help us find them we panicked because they couldn’t find them. I began dialing 911 when I saw our jet ski coming super slow and I felt so relieved that they were okay. The rope from the tube got wrapped in the motor and the jet ski would turn on, they had to swim to some rocks they said it felt like eternity, the rocks were hard, their feet were cut from the rocks and they were exhausted, luckily they were able to get enough rope out to get the jet ski started and make it back to where we were. Later the night the wind began, then it started raining and that turned into hail and this is why I am thankful that my husband said YES to the camper.

The 4th was amazing, not our typical 4th at the parade then a BBQ at a family members house, we woke up at the lake the kids were playing, more family arrived and we had so much fun. I took our annual selfie, me and my boys. I realized after taking that picture that I wanted next years picture to be in another state, somewhere new, I love road trips, and now I am planning on the 4th in South Dakota, I have heard the fireworks there are amazing.

How did you spend your 4th?

To the memories we created that week, to the laughs, the scares, the pictures we took, I needed this, I needed the getaway.