Letting go of the fairytale…. (Marriage) #summerseries

Once upon a time there was a little girl, she was beautiful, with long brown hair, beautiful green eyes they were alive, she loved to play outside, she loved life, let me tell you she had the perfect smile, in all reality she was a princess, she was smart, she was creative she had big dreams, she dreamed of growing up and living the perfect life, she would travel the word on her private jet, own hotels everywhere, she would always be on vacation, she would have the perfect kids, the perfect marriage, she was going to be the perfect wife, her prince charming would come and take her away on his beautiful white horse to their beautiful castle…..and….then I woke up.

Marriage is not a fairy-tale and unfortunately so many of us grow up thinking we will have the perfect marriage and there will be no fighting and he will be perfect just like you dreamed, right? Today, I am sharing 5 tips I believe you need to avoid to have a thriving marriage.

Tip #1

Let go of the idea that everything needs to be perfect. We go so stuck on the idea that our spouse needs to be perfect, that we need to be perfect, in all reality we are not perfect, we are human, let it go! He will make mistakes, you will mistakes not everything is “social media” perfect.

Tip #2

Quit repeating the same mistakes, both of you. Communication is key in a relationship and when we are constantly making the same mistakes we begin to argue and fight and say mean things to one another.

Tip #3

Stop comparing your relationship/marriage/spouse to others. We usually don’t post on social media when we are fighting with our spouse, we only post the great pictures, the great days, not the bad and the ugly. Every couple has their share of arguments, every couple goes through highs and lows, focus on you and your marriage, and everything will turn out fine!

Tip #4

Stop ignoring the “problems” we all have them, the more you avoid your problems the bigger they will get. We have to face our fears, our reality, and talk about it, pretending like nothing is going on is only eating you up inside. Talk to each other, find a solution.

Tip #5

Put your pride aside, when it comes to the love of your life, you cannot let pride be the determining factor of how your marriage will end. If you continue to be prideful your disrespecting one another, you begin to criticize each other, and you begin to play the victim, are you seeing the ripple effect?

Marriage is a roller coaster there will be highs and lows how you function at the lows will determine the destiny of your marriage.

What tips would you share with a newly engaged couple?

Share them with me,