Life lessons at the lake!

My boys were on a mission to catch a fish during our camping trip. I bought them fishing poles and worms (yuck!). Sunday morning, they woke up with a mission, they declared they would catch a fish.

I do not fish but what I do know is that fishing takes a lot of patience. The boys had fished on Saturday and they did not have any luck. Sunday was a new day. Joseangel said, “Mom I will not quit until I catch one.” He also said, “Mom I believe in myself.” I practice affirmations with my boys so they clearly understand the power of their words. After he shared those word with me both him and his brother along with their cousins took their fishing poles and went on a mission.

Joseangel was the first to catch his fish and ran through those rocks to show it off. His eyes were full of victory and his smile was huge. I call it his victory smile. I could tell how proud he was as he ran towards us with his fishing pole. I was super excited and I began yelling for my husband, “Joseangel caught a fish, he caught a fish.” I was beyond proud and the words he shared with me early that morning came right to me, it was as if I heard him repeat them to me one more time!

I know my boys are watching me and I know that my role as their mother is just as important as their fathers role, because we both are teaching them different lessons. Everyday is a learning experience and Sunday was a great life lesson for me. He is watching me, my words are important and he does look up to me. His patience taught me that patience is a key element of success. His determination taught me he’s watching me and that if I quit so will he. Sunday this mom also had a victory smile and my message to you is never give up, keep trying!

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. Gail Devers

In Motherhood,

Angela Garcia