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We all love being a mom, before we talk about mom life, share with us who you are. We want to know your story- what do you love to do? what are you passionate about?

Outside of being a mom I am someone who is passionate about helping others lead more fulfilling lives and reach for their goals! I’m also photographer, a certified event planner, a writer, an avid DIY-er, and I dabble in the marketing realm a bit, creating flyers and other graphics as well as some social media marketing. I’m a Jill of all trades in a sense! I also enjoy doing volunteer work quite a bit; I was part of the steering committee for the 2018 Color Run hosted by United Way, I have also volunteered at several of the Relay for Life events over the last 10 years, and I am also currently a CASA volunteer. I hope someday to start some of my own non-profit organizations to help give back to the community and offer resources and additional education to children and their parents. I attended Aims Community College where I received my A.A.S in Business Management, and acquired my B.A in Communication Studies from the University of Northern Colorado. I loved my time spent at both of these institutions and hope that someday I will be able to give back to them, in honor of what they gave me; an education and a sense of pride. I am a Greeley native, born and raised, but have always dreamed of traveling and seeing as many other places as I can. I have struggled with depression most of my life, and anxiety decided to through its hat in the ring a few years ago so I’ve been learning as much as I can about how to cope with it. I am a strong believer in things like ‘The Law of Attraction’ and alternative forms of medicine and I strive everyday to overcome my obstacles and be the absolute best version of myself that I can be. I enjoy utilizing tools such as yoga and meditation to help me, and I’m also part of a workout group called Fit4Mom that has been a phenomenal experience.

I sincerely hope to use my knowledge and skills to serve as a good role model for my children, and anyone else who might need some guidance.

Mom is a title we are all proud of, tell us your birth story!

Both of my kids came ON their due dates! Can you believe that?? Not just one, but BOTH of them.

Both came naturally without the use of an epidural and I will forever be grateful for that. No complications, just lots of excitement and joy (and pain haha).

With my son, I went through most of my labor at home while waiting for his father to come home from work. I spent about 5-6 hours pacing our townhouse like a zombie and by the time we finally made it to the hospital he was already coming out! They didn’t even have time to put an IV in me or anything. Everything went well and we were able to go home the next day. They asked me if I wanted to stay for a couple more days since it was my first delivery, but it was 4 days before Thanksgiving and I was going to be hosting for the first time so I was in a hurry to get home and get things ready.

With my daughter, I tried to stay at home as long as I could for fear that I would give in and ask for an epidural. However, by the time I caved and decided to go to the hospital I was only 3cm so I had to wait for a while. I paced my room for a few hours before deciding to take a warm bath, where I ended up falling asleep for about 30-45 min. Luckily this helped speed up the dilation process and by the time I got out I was at 8cm so they started getting things ready for her delivery. She did get stuck temporarily which scared us because her face was slightly purple and swollen when she came out. Everything turned out ok, and we were able to take her home the next day!!

What advice do you have for first time moms?

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