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Our readers want to get to know you, tell us who you are and the things you enjoy most?

Hello, my name is Claudia Koesler. I live in the northern part of Colorado a city called Greeley. I have been here since 1991. We moved here from New Mexico, but before New Mexico we lived in Mexico where I was born. I am the oldest of 7 brothers and sisters. Our family is unique because we are a blended family. The more the merrier! I am currently a High School Counselor and have been married to my husband since 2003. We have two kids and a sweet and loving blue-nose American Pitbull.

Share your favorite vacation trip with us. What did you enjoy most?

As a child, I did not have an opportunity to go to the beach with my siblings or parents. I made it a goal to take my kids to a beach as long as we could. We have this remote beach in Sonora. There are very few people who stay there and love the privacy and playing with my son, catching and throwing a baseball while the waves hit our feet and the wet sand rising between our toes. I love swimming with my daughter and playing with her with the wet sad and seeing how pretty her hair looks with the humidity.

What has motherhood taught you?

What is your favorite book to read and why?

Anything with Psychology or School Counseling

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