Meet Dussteen

Our readers want to get to know you, tell us who you are and the things you enjoy most.

I’m a curious, funloving, young at heart Mom, Wife, breadwinner. I work hard and play hard with a mantra of Make it happen for yourself!

I am really into hiking, walking my dog, working out, mountain biking, yoga- just about any outdoor activity.

I’m also very into woo woo Energy; things like Astrology, Tarot/oracle cards, reiki, crystals, meditation, Moon cycles- if it’s “weird and magical I’m allllll in.

I have tapped into what I call these Universal Energies to help with my personal development.

Share your favorite vacation/staycation/camping trip with us. What did you enjoy most?

We have this beautiful camping spot called Wellington Lake. It’s gorgeous. Camping directly on the lake. We hike with the kids, paddle board and fish, then all gather around the campfire and sleep tight in our fun and rugged (old) pop up trailer.

Another fantastic vacation we took was to the Florida Keys. We rented a house with all of our family and enjoyed snorkeling, cooking, kayaking, and playing on the beach.

Also experienced a retreat in Hunstville Canada- that was magical as it was with other likeminded women who wanted to up level, and we were in just the most beautiful outdoor area- again with a lake, mtns, kayaking, hiking- all the fun things.

I’m seeing my theme- I LOVE experiences with family and friends. I love outdoors- I don’t like to be trapped inside.

What has motherhood taught you?

Your Must Read

Untamed, Rise Sister Rise, Seat of the Soul,Jessica Simpsons- Open Book, Bhagavad Gita, Super Attractor, Girl Stop Apologizing. I really love self improvement and growth

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