Meet Genesis

We all love being a mom, before we talk about mom life, share with us who you are. We want to know your story- what do you love to do? what are you passionate about?

I’m a first-generation college graduate that is extremely passionate about inspiring underprivileged minorities that they are not defined by their circumstances. I write a lot about my story on my blog Aside from writing, I love to hike with my husband, run, swim, and bike. The only thing that really releases stress for me, is flyfishing.

Every state is beautiful, what do you enjoy doing with your child outdoors?

Considering he is only 3 months right now, I love to go on walks and just love to hold him while outside. He loves the wind brushing in his face and the noises the world brings.

What marital advice do you have?

What do you and your spouse enjoy doing together?

We love to be outside and travel. We plan on doing a lot of traveling with our little boy.

What books/podcasts do you enjoy the most?

Self-helf and educational. I love listening to Dave Ramsey. Super helpful in educating the world about financials.

behind the scenes with genesis

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