Meet Jenn

Before we talk about your business, tell us who you are?

I am a 29 year old mom, wife and entrepreneur passionate about breaking the body image and anxiety cycle that I have faced for many years. I have two adorable pups and enjoy a relaxing night in with my daughter, friends and husband.

Now lets talk business, what sets you apart? How did you start on your journey?

I am a Registered Dietitian and personal trainer. I started my journey creating a multi 6 figure nutrition program with a gym franchise. I found my passion serving women while doing this. I left the gym setting to create my current business “The Nourished Life” as a community of women supporting body confidence, sustainable weight loss by including all foods and no restriction and supporting their ultimate life goals. What sets me apart is that I lived in the shoes of the women I serve, I had my daughter as I was working in the corporate world with the stress, anxiety and body image challenges that they struggle with.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

What book do you recommend?

Mindset by Carol Dweck and Rise by Rachel Hollis

behind the scenes with jenn

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