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Our readers want to get to know you first, tell us about YOU what is your story?

I am a single sole parent to a 5-year-old boy. Since I 3 months pregnant I have been on my own. My fiance left and we have had no contact since. As he was very abusive, our lives are blessed without him and I couldn’t be more grateful he left. After my son was born at about 6 weeks old, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I could hardly hold my baby, which caused anxiety in itself. I was afraid I was going to drop him or hurt him. I have since been able to overcome most of my symptoms that come with Fibro, overcome anxiety and PTSD and I am always working on my health, mind and spirituality, which I also teach to my son! We meditate nightly! In March of 2018 I sold everything I owned and went on an adventure to trust the Universe always has me covered. This was a hard process to go through, but a necessary lesson in my life. We never had a plan and for 24 months we house sat or just went on small adventures. One of which included driving to California with friends and house sitting there for 2 weeks. It was an incredible journey. In 2019, I hit my rock bottom in life. I started really looking at my life, my relationships and most importantly my cycles. After making some hard life decisions and changes, I decided to move home to BC from Alberta. We currently reside in Langley and we absolutely love it here! With plans on lots of traveling though! We still love to go on little adventures.

Now let’s talk business, what do you do? Have you always wanted to have your own business- what inspired you to go down this journey?

I was born and raised with family businesses. So I believe it has always been in my DNA!! I have been a freelance Makeup Artist/ Esthetician for 10 years. However, I feel my business journey really started in 2017, when I was searching for pain relief. I joined a Network Marketing Company and my life expanded fast! I became an International Best-Selling Co Author. I have been published in the series two times. I discovered Social Marketing and picked up new skills there, which has led me to helping one of my clients scale her business to 6 figures in less than a year. We have joined forces and now have a social Media Agency, A Social Media scheduling Platform, a Podcast and we are about to launch our Magazine. I also am a Confidence and Beauty Strategist, where I utilize my background to help professional women show up online or on stage confidently to share their message. I have so many passions. I love growing, learning, and implementing!

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Life is full of lessons, what has this quarantine taught you?

Quarantine has taught me, I am on the right path, that anything is possible and when everyone thought I was insane, I was on the right path. This hasn’t affected my life in a negative way. It has catapulted me to new heights, and it’s been a crazy ride. It has taught me, that when you are in momentum you hold on and keep moving forward. While you have to work hard, it doesn’t have to completely run my life. So I take time for my family.

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