Meet Laura

Our readers want to get to know you first, tell us about YOU what is your story?

I am a mom of 3 young men, left an abusive marriage(3rd)time with 2 small boys, happily married 22 years. I owned a construction business, worked the hospitality industry 30+ years, own & operate a successful catering business(referral based), I am currently an essential worker in the medical field and I am a consultant for a Global NWM Health & Wellness Company.

Now lets talk business, what do you do? Have you always wanted to have your own business- what inspired you to go down this journey?

I guess you can say I always loved people, already had an entrepreneurial mindset not realizing this, I was already running my catering business but was a “No” for my MLM business for 5years. When I finally got in front of the opportunity it totally made sense to me/ not to mention I was let go from a medical job( which I hated) at 4:30pm and signed up with my social marketing business at 7:30 pm.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Life is full of lessons, what has this quarantine taught you?

Take it one day at a time, live life to the fullest, we just never know what life is going at you.

behind the scenes with Laura

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