Meet Lindsey

Our readers want to get to know you, tell us who you are and the things you enjoy most.

I am a Colorado native, Jesus lovin’ mama/bonus mama to 5, wife of a crazy talented man who leads us with his whole heart. I have a deep passion for books, growth and innovation, wellness, hiking, yoga, meditation and helping businesses create strategy and implementation to advance (both monetary and quality of life.) I enjoy people (after my first cup of coffee), and sarcasm and puns make me laugh till my stomach hurts.

What has motherhood taught you?

Ahhh motherhood… the most humbling, rewarding, challenging (and sometimes smelly) adventure of them all. Being a mom & bonus mom has taught me the treasure of a “pause’ slowing down, making eye contact, embodying the joy that our children naturally emit, being fully present with them. It has taught me to be humble – there isn’t anything like being thrown up on at 2am, taking care of others or going to work on a couple hours of sleep, finding out that it is okay and not required to do everything on your own – because we can’t and we shouldn’t have to, realizing and knowing that we are ALL a continued work in progress and just doing the best we can. And some days that version of “best” looks a bit different then the next. It has taught me grace – more than a simple forgiveness with others and myself, but a calm acknowledgement & knowing that we are exactly where we need to be, or where are kids need to be at that precise time – that what others think my family should do, act, look like is but a mere perception, that a child’s grades or athletic, musical performance does not exemplify his/her ability to be AMAZING in this life, to be THEIR version of successful (and not society’s limited belief on what that looks like.) My kids have taught me that greatness lies in the differences, in the unique strengths that they each bring to the table and I have been made all the better, all the more vulnerable, all the more courageous, all the move loving because of WHO my kids are, not by what they do. Side note: I feel the world could use more 3-year old’s teaching us how to share, as no one knows better than a 3-year-old holding a melted piece of chocolate (squishing between the fingers melted) who REALLY wants you to trying it.

Share your favorite staycation with us. What did you enjoy most?

Staycations rock! Because here in Colorado there isn’t a limit of exploring, shing, and hiking. Honestly, we love the quick trip up Horsetooth, Horsetooth Falls and Arthurs Rock. That or finding a little fishing spot (if the fish are hungry that is WAY better for kids and ahem. husband’s attention span.) Honestly, if we can have our kids find fun in the simple – that is life giving for all of us. We are busy with all sorts of activities so to take time and slow down… find the heart shaped rocks, climb a tree, be the first to run up the mountain and so tired if you have to be carried back are all treasured memories.

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