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We all love being a mom, before we talk about mom life, share with us who you are. We want to know your story- what do you love to do? what are you passionate about?

Hello, I am Lori Jackson I am a creative soul, a bit of fun as I love to laugh. I am not as funny as most of my siblings. I was taught at a young age, that you always have your family, and that is who you take care of, and who takes care of you. It’s a co operational love, of selflessness, and true desire of the others well being. So I grew up wholeheartedly in love with my family. They are my treasure. I started a photography company in 2009, we shot family photos. Shortly after this We lost my brother, and because of that loss and the process of putting his funeral slideshow together. What gripped my heart was every image when we were laughing and playing and just being ourselves together, such beautiful memories! I told my husband after the funeral that we needed to get families to connect and laugh and play together. Those are the best shots and someday, that’s all they will have left, is an image, a memory. Oh this still gives me a lump in my throat! Life is precious and your families need YOU in those images! Your kids don’t care if you are short, tall, need a haircut, need to lose weight! Seriously, they need YOU! YOU are their precious treasure too, don’t be absent in your family pictures. So, I guess I am super passionate about getting families to connect, to have some fun and play together, sharing time together without their phones in front of them. Also, being a creative type, I love to garden, paint, I am into creating cement leaf paving stones for my garden. I have also made some bird platters to feed the birds in my yard.

Mom is a title we are all proud of, tell us your birth story!

I grew up in Colorado, but we moved all over the western United States and by the time I was 11 we have lived in 9 different states/locations. Needless to say, when I grew up I swore I would never move. I have been in my house now for over 30 years. We grew up in the great outdoors. I have never been skiing, I know crazy right! But take me hiking or up camping or fishing. I am in heaven! I love to shoot wildlife images, and I spent last fall in the Rocky Mtn. National Park capturing the elk herds and moose. I have an adoration for our bald eagles, and it was something special for me and my brother. So of course I have to mention my special shots of eagles here in town! Man, my heart is on fire when I am out in nature. I am the one that goes, “Oh, look at that, oh how about that, did you see that?” I just can’t begin to explain how much my heart needs to be in nature. I have images of a grizzly bear standing on his hind legs in the Tetons. I have never been so exhilarated! If I ever moved, it would be to the Tetons. I wept when I saw them for the first time. Gives me goosebumps still thinking of them. I have been married twice. My second husband and I have 3 kiddo’s and 7 grand kiddos. So I am great with kids, and when they aren’t having it, well let’s just say Grammy has all the tricks! I adore spending time with my grands! They fill my heart so full of love and keep my young!

What advice do you have for first time moms?

What has this quarantine taught you?

To refocus my mind on doing good things for others. We sent cards to elderly in nursing homes who haven’t seen their families in months. I slowed down on social media sights, as I need to keep a more positive outlook on life when we are in unprecedented times! And I cried when all my family showed up on my birthday and stood 6 ft apart singing happy birthday to me. What a present, just being able to see them in my front yard! TREASURE your family they are worth and deserve it!

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