Meet Maribel

Before we talk about your business, tell us who you are?

My name is Maribel Cordova-Molina. I am a mother of 2 happy children. Obie, my oldest is 7 y/o and my baby Odelle is 3 y/o. I married my High School sweetheart 8 years ago and we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary this August. I was born in Coahuila, Mexico on October 5th and I’ve had the entrepreneur bug in me for as long as I remember. My parents migrated to this country 22 years ago, I was 12 at the time. Leaving home was one the hardest things I had to go through but the process made me stronger & disciplined.

Now let's talk business, what sets you apart? How did you start on your journey?

Our business is called The Playground.

We are happy to provide a fun facility where children can keep and/or develop the love for physical play with other children using their imagination and fun equipment. What set us apart from other indoor playgrounds is that we really care! We take a lot of pride on how we clean, disinfect and how we take care of our facility and most of all, we love to see children play!

We started our journey almost 5 years ago. Obie (my oldest) was our inspiration. Five years ago, my husband and I made the decision to take on this journey. I was lucky enough to have a supportive husband that allowed me to accomplish this project and keep growing.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Marriage is both beautiful and complicated, what marriage advice do you have?

My marriage advice is to not sweat the small things AT ALL! Compromise, meet in the middle, have good communication and do not break the trust and don’t forget to have fun as a couple.

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