Meet Marisol

Before we talk about your business, tell us who you are?

Marisol is my name and being a mom is my game! Mom of 3 to be exact, 2 girls, Lilia is 11 and Isabella 9 both will be turning 23 and 21 this year :). And as for my baby boy, Marcielo, he is 18 months and loves to clean! (if you can believe that). If I am not working at the library or running the photo booth, I am at home with my sweet boy or being a personal uber driver for my daughters;)

I am an open-minded woman who values honesty, respect and kindness. I am someone who will always go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. I am a thoughtful person, who in the end, always forgets about herself. I find myself to be a funny, sarcastic woman who loves to make others laugh, myself included. I am a woman who has never let her personal struggles get the best of her. I have hit rock bottom, got up, dusted myself off and with my arms raised above my head I say, “I am ok”.

I have an amazing man by my side, Oscar, who has welcomed, not only myself, but my daughters into his life. Although he is a great man, I find myself still being a single mother to my girls because Oscar struggles with trying to discipline the girls as he is not their “father”. We also struggle with our son as he is my third child and the first for Oscar. So, you all know how it is with our first child, we must bubble wrap them and protect them from all harm. And by the third child, “oh he is eating dirt, he’ll be alright” I never thought I would be faced with this challenge. I never have experienced a male figure who is so involved in their baby’s life such as Oscar whom is always changing his diapers and is continuously stalking, I mean, watching our son. It’s a great quality he has but it comes with some great challenges that I feel like sometimes I am put into the middle of. Sometimes I feel like I am just trying to survive the day because it can become overwhelming.

So, this is me, someone who tends to overshare. 🙂

Now let’s talk business, what sets you apart? How did you start on your journey?

I was planning an event and needed a photo booth. After looking at a few companies, I realized that I could start my own business as a photo booth company and offer amazing services at affordable prices. I believe that great things don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

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