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We all love being a mom, before we talk about mom life, share with us who you are. We want to know your story- what do you love to do? What are you passionate about?

Outside of motherhood, I am a pretty introverted book nerd. My absolute favorite thing to do is to curl up in a soft, comfy blanket with a good book. I could literally live this way.

When socializing is necessary, I enjoy spending time with my close family and friends, and volunteering. I put a lot of hours into the Platte Valley School District as a board member, the Town of Kersey as a planning and zoning commissioner, and with Girl Scouts Troop 75923 as the leader. I am passionate about giving back to the community. And I absolutely love shaping the lives of children, which is why I put forth so much effort into their education. If I could be a professional volunteer my life would be set. But… gotta make that money.

Every state is beautiful, what do you enjoy doing with your kids outdoors?

I am the ultimate indoors girl. But every now and then my hubby and girls will drag me outside. I prefer
walks in our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Not hikes Walks. There is a vast difference in the elevation
change on a walk vs a hike.

My oldest daughter is quite athletic. I spend much of the warmer months on soccer or softball fields as well. Nothing says, “I love you” like sitting through a softball game in 90-degree heat!

Otherwise, I am indoors where blankets and books can be found.

What do you and your spouse enjoy doing together, what marital advice do you have?

My husband and I enjoy our alone time together. We married when my son was nine. Nathan was amazing to take on an instant family. But it also meant that we’ve never been just a married couple. We jumped right in as parents. My advice is to find the time to be just a couple. It is important to remember why you fell in love with one another. Sometimes the chaos of parenthood can enhance that, but a nice break while the kids get spoiled by grandparents is always recommended.

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