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Our readers want to get to know you, tell us who you are and the things you enjoy most.

I am a mother of a smart, funny and kind ten-year-old. I am a bartender in the evenings and have a party decor business on the side which I hope to expand with time. Having this kind of flexibility with my work schedule allows me to do the things that matter to me, like taking my kiddo to school and picking him up from school and having time to take care of myself by going to the gym. I love to workout!

The things I enjoy most is hanging out with my boys. When I say, “my boys” this includes; my spouse, our son, and our 3-year-old shihtzu. Family is very important to me! My mother is my best friend so I also enjoy spending time with her as much as I can. Other things I love doing are traveling and eating! Oh, and cooking. I love to cook!

I love both of my jobs because I’m naturally good at both. I genuinely love what I do so for me it’s not “work”. I believe happiness is underrated and we need to do the things that fulfill us most and yet not take away from the things that truly matter like spending time with our loved ones.

You love to travel, tell us your favorite place and why? What is one thing one must do if traveling there.

My favorite place that I have travelled to would have to be Montego Bay, Jamaica. It’s extremely beautiful, laid back and the food and people are amazing! If you go there you must swim in the Luminous Lagoon. It’s where the fresh water and saltwater meet and there are microorganisms that light up like fireflies as a defense mechanism when you swim. Very cool experience especially since this is one of the few places in the world where you can experience this.

What has motherhood taught you?

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