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We all love being a mom, before we talk about mom life, share with us who you are. We want to know your story- what do you love to do? what are you passionate about?

I got married and had kids really young, and it was all I had ever wanted- it was my dream “job” and I LOVED it. But, in the midst of that happiness, I was deeply struggling. I was doing my “jobs” well and functioning, but inside I was drowning. Inside, I was unhealthy and falling apart, I didn’t have a sense of identity outside my roles. I wanted to raise a strong con dent daughter who loved herself and loved life and I wanted to love my husband well. But, I was burnt out. I was abandoning myself and trying to meet everyone’s needs, except my own. I started to realize I couldn’t give what I didn’t have.

Then, I found personal development books. I found Brene Brown, Jen Hatmaker, and Rachel Hollis. I found coaching and thought work and I fell in love with it all. I fell in love with it, because slowly, my life started to change, because I started to change. I started investing in myself and learned to care for and love myself FIRST. I learned how to thrive, and I saw it change my marriage and family. I fell in love with my life. And then after so long of pursuing this for myself, I fell in love with helping other women learn how to thrive. Finding communities of supportive women (like MomsWhoRise) is one of my favorite things to experience. Personal growth is awesome, but doing it in a community is even better. Seeing women living free and fully into themselves is a driving force in my life. By nature, I love helping people, it is a core part of who I am and it brings me so much joy.

I love spending time reading(or listening) to books(allll the books) and podcasts. Anything learning about health-physical, mental, emotional is what gets me excited, I LOVE it! Spending quality time with family and friends is the best. I enjoy work outs listening to bad 2000s rap or worship music(there is no in-between). I am deeply spiritual and super sarcastic so I love both deep conversations and memes. I enjoy cooking and baking and really love eating good food(mostly tacos). I love being a mom and wife. It’s still my dream job, even though it is a harder job than I ever thought it would be.


If we are out on a date we love going to dinner or a concert(when we can). At home, we like to sit and have a beer and listen to good music, talk, or play a game. My husband is my best friend and we have worked hard to not only have a good marriage, but a fun one. We honestly love to spend time with each other. But, we also take time to pursue our separate interests and I think that is a big part of still enjoying each others company so much after 10 years married!


Every state is beautiful, what do you enjoy doing with your kids outdoors?

I love camping with my family! We love spending time outside riding bikes, playing in the neighborhood, and just hanging out. We love our Greeley parks and visiting the outdoor pools in summer. We all shoot bows and one of our favorite things this time of year is going to the bow range to shoot and have a picnic dinner.

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