Meet Rhonda

Before we talk about Mom Life, tell us who you are? what do you love to do? What are you passionate about?

My name is Rhonda. I have spent all my life in Northern Colorado. I came from a very dysfunctional childhood and was determined to do things different when I had my own children. I have a son named Michael who is 29 years old and a daughter named Jordan who is 26 years old. Michael works for Goal Academy as a para to help kids graduate. Jordan works for a property management company. 

The cycles from childhood have stopped with my children. For a time being, I was a single mom and my children have been my life. I struggled with the thought of “empty nest syndrome” and decided that I needed to find some things to keep me busy. I have been in the dental industry for 30 years and looked for ways to volunteer as my children were getting older. 

I started with Hispanic Women of Weld County over 20 years ago and remain a member to this day. HWWC has been a huge influence on my life and has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and get involved as a woman of color in my community. I have served on several boards and commissions, CASA (court appointed special advocate), I am politically involved, and I am currently serving my second term as a school board member. I recently completed the Latino Leadership Institute program at Denver University which has led to co-creating a podcast Latino Northern Colorado. 

I have also started a project called Ganas and Grace. The idea came from the time that I put my name in for the House District 50 vacancy. Ganas and Grace is the balance of what we as Latinas have to do. We have to have courage and challenge things and push the envelope – Ganas. And as women, moms and sisters we have moments of Grace where we lift others up. Moments where we forgive and show love and heal the universe. The idea came from love and hope to inspire – to always have Ganas and Grace.


What advice do you have for moms whose kids are still little?

Recipes are fun to share! Can you share a favorite recipe with us?

Macaroni and cheese cooked with Velveeta cheese. My mom used to make it when I was a child and it continues to be my daughter’s favorite dish that I make. I don’t use exact measurements.

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  1. Rita B Contreras

    I love this story, and I love Rhonda! You continue to inspire me and remind me that we can always do more to create the kind of communities we want our children to live in.

  2. April Hannon

    You inspire me to be better Rhonda! I Thank God he crossed our paths. Thank you for your passion and committed work you do for the community.

  3. Christina DeLaTorre

    Rhonda is a great friend and is a leader by stepping out and working towards making our community a better place. I respect & admire her she wants the best for all children growing up in this community.

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