Meet Samary

Our readers want to get to know you first, tell us about YOU what is your story?

I am a wife and mom of 4 boys (ages 12, 8, 3 year old twins). I come from a “non-typical” background, and my childhood was chaotic, but all of it has molded me into what I am today. I learned how to be resilient at an early age and have never let go of it. As a wife, I work with my husband to be a team. We work together in building our faith and our family. As a mom, I am no Betty Crocker, I don’t cook every day and keep our home like a Life and Style Magazine photograph, but I do love to provide and spoil my boys. I understand the balance and can be flexible to how we need to adjust on a day to day basis.

Now let's talk business, what do you do? Have you always wanted to have your own business- what inspired you to go down this journey?

I am serial entrepreneur. I focus in the real estate business, not as a realtor, but the actual business of real estate (investing, rental properties, flips etc) and mentoring others how to do the same. I am big on having my own business and have always been that way. I have tried many things but always knew that I want to help others, I want to be a resource for others to find their own success and be empowered by who they are and what they do, and that’s exactly what I do. Believe it or not, although my childhood was chaotic and crazy, one thing that I have learned and have always seen is the entrepreneur hustle

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Life is full of lessons, what has this quarantine taught you?

Plans are made to change and be rearranged. Nothing is set in stone. Learn to be flexible and go with the flow.

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