Meet Stacy

Before we talk about your business, tell us who you are?

I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend. My life revolves around food; I work with our local non profit to help clients learn how to build a healthy meal and grow more confident in their cooking skills; for fun I like to read, cook, develop recipes, walk, and dance.

Now let’s talk business, what sets you apart? How did you start on your journey?

I’m not a holistic nutritionist or registered dietitian. I support these practitioners and others by helping their clients/the general public find confidence in their kitchens and learn how to meal plan for themselves.

A meal plan does no good if you don’t use it; I help people learn how to make it happen in their own lives regardless of past failures.

I started because I became a mom and the overwhelm of learning how to be a mom while still feeding myself and my husband was the hardest struggle I’d ever encountered. And once my son hit solids and was massively picky, I had to learn how to integrate that into our meal planning and healthy eating strategies. That continues today into how I help clients cope with their own meal planning and healthy eating strategies.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

just for fun

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If yes, what is it? If no, why?

No, not really- I feel like I’m constantly tweaking and adjusting my life to make it more in line with who I want to be, and one big resolution that is harder to make happen feels like setting myself up to fail.

For example, a daily gym visit would be harder to maintain than increasing the number of times I walk up and down the stairs in a day and increasing how much water I drink.

behind the scenes with stacy

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