Meet Stacy

Our readers want to get to know you first, tell us about YOU what is your story?

I’ve been writing stories since third grade, as I grew up loving books. Since I was painfully introverted, writing was a way for me to express myself. I wrote my first novel, Face-Off, in high school, and it won a competition for teenage writers. It was published in 1992 and is still selling copies every day. Writing   has remained a huge part of my life. I’m also married and the mom of two kids in middle school and   high school.

Now let’s talk business, what do you do? Have you always wanted to have your own business- what inspired you to go down this journey?

I have a few aspects to my business. First, I’m an author of mystery novels, chick lit, young adult books, and children’s books. Most are available in print, ebook, and Audible audiobook formats, so I spend a lot of time promoting them. Second, I am a freelance developmental editor. Writers hire me to read their draft and give them feedback to make the manuscript stronger. Most recently, I expanded into creating online courses for writers. My signature program is a course called Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By- Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable. I have always wanted to write books, but having my own business was something that evolved over the years. After I had kids, I wanted to stay home with them, so I did freelance writing for a few regular clients. When one of those clients started doing their publication in-house, i decided to launch a freelance editing service to fill the gap in income. I saw that most writers were making the same mistakes and needed multiple expensive rounds of editing, which led me to create my online course business Shortcuts for Writers. I took marketing classes in college, and enjoyed promoting my books, so I knew that I would be able to market my course.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Life is full of lessons, what has motherhood taught you?

It has taught me about my priorities and not to get so upset about the little things. Before I had kids, I used to get upset if a book got rejected or I had a bad day at work. It’s natural to be frustrated by things like that, but it’s not to the same degree anymore. As long as my kids are healthy and happy, that is the most important thing.

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