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I’m 1st generation born US citizen, born and raised in Queens NY. I straddled 2 cultures all my life and still straddle 2 cultures. The struggles of assimilation are part of my DNA. My parents are more than my role-models. It is because of their molding that I am who I am today. They were very strict but in a loving way. Like all immigrant parents, they sacrificed so we could have more. My grandparents were diplomats so while my friends traveled the US, we traveled the world. I’ve been to Bhutan, many states in India, France, England, Algiers, Germany and the list grows. I’ve seen the good and bad of the world. I’ve been blessed in many ways.

I am a wife, a mother of two, an avid reader, warm weather-and-water lover, and I must admit, a TV junkie (please don’t judge). My husband and I met in college. He went to a service academy and so we did the long-distance dating thing and then finally found ourselves in the same city. We dated for years (and I mean decades) before getting married. Then came our little ones.

One of my bucket list goals was to be home with our children, so I left the mediation field and focused on raising our children. Being a Mom has been the most  challenging and yet most rewarding “hat” yet! As a stay-at-home mom, I continued to fine-tune my organizational skills by constantly researching free/low cost play events and planning and budgeting vacations for our family.

We had a lot of trouble conceiving our 2nd child; to the point that I was sure we would have only 1 child. So, I started looking for a job; however, I still wanted to stay home with my son. So, I began to think about ways to reconnect and redefine myself and my goals. So, I made a list of all my skills and the things that I enjoyed doing: top-notch administrative skills; my love of research and streamlining processes; people person; a solution-oriented mindset. From this list, Well Balanced Solutions was born as was my 2nd child 🙂

Now let’s talk business, what do you do? Have you always wanted to have your own business- what inspired you to go down this journey?

I am the Owner of “Well Balanced Solutions”. It started as a Virtual Assistant business and has evolved into a Professional Development business.

Well Balanced Solutions supports:
*Business owners who are overwhelmed, by managing the back-end of their business and focusing on business solutions. As a Virtual Business Management Consultant (Operations), I assist in the creation of the strategic plan (operations) as well as implementation of the plan by handling critical day-to-day functions and managing projects from start to finish. This enables my clients to be the face of their business. I truly enjoy helping business owners focus on what they do great while I manage the back-end of their business.
* Organizations/Team leaders and team members who struggle with ineffective teams that don’t work well together. I improve the dynamics between people by helping them navigate every day differences which moves them forward towards great things. As an Organizational Communication and Conflict Management Consultant, I help team leaders and team members recognize basic differences in communication, learn how to create solution-based communication language to resolve issues and provide a safe space to understand communication problems as well as build confidence for individuals and teams to transcend these differences and work towards a less toxic work environment. 

I never thought I would own a business. But life had its own agenda. I wanted to continue being home for my family and yet, I needed something for me. I have always had to redefine myself and there was nothing different about this journey. I knew I did not want to go back to an office setting; I knew I wanted to be home with my family; I knew I wanted to contribute, financially, so as to ease some of the burden my husband carried; what I didn’t know was how to do all this. Being a strong executor, I started with my strengths and weaknesses lists. By now, my daughter was 1.5 years old. I had postpartum depression with my son and postpartum anxiety with my daughter. Self reflection said I must have had these experiences for some reason. And I believe my reason was so that I could give back to other Moms who are struggling. I started volunteering for an organization that provides support groups and resources to new moms struggling with PPD and PPA. My volunteer position grew into a paid remote admin position, which I LOVED. I looked further into virtual admin work and Well Balanced Solutions was born.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Life is full of lessons, what has motherhood taught you?

First, I just learned this lesson – while completing this form: take pictures of yourself! LOL! I have tons of pics of my kids and of my kids and me and of my family. BUT, hardly any of just me! HAHA!

Being a Mom has been the most challenging and yet most rewarding “hat” yet! While it sounds so cliché, I never thought I could love as much as I love my children.

I’ve learned to be patient. With every stage of life, I’ve learned to be patient – we are in the teen years now. Patience is my mantra these days 🙂

I’ve learned that my children are watching and learning from me. I want my son to know that women can do anything and be anything they want to be and that he needs to respect and support the women in his life. I want my daughter to strive higher than what she thinks she can. That she can be and do anything she wants. And she should not shy away from getting what she wants.

I’ve learned that my husband supports me every aspect and I need my children to see his support. From managing the children at bedtime when I’m on a call to telling the children the new windows were paid for by Mama’s business.

I’ve learned that my children learn from both my husband and me. That they have different relationships with each of us and that they need both of us, in order for them to be balanced.

I’ve learned to laugh harder, to be silly, to try new things and to even fail. I need them to see that and to see me get up and start again.

I’ve learned my children are different from me and have different goals and ideas; that one day, I will have to let go. As a mother, my biggest job is to teach my children to be independent and then I have to let them be independent. It’ll be a bittersweet day when my babies fly.

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