Meet Vanessa

We all love being a mom, before we talk about mom life, share with us who you are. We want to know your story- what do you love to do? what are you passionate about?

I am Vanessa. I am a 32-year-old mother of 2 beautiful girls and a wife to an amazing husband. I love to be outside and especially working in the garden. I have a passion for animals and do live on a hobby farm where I have my own herd of Dwarf Nigerian goats, chickens and 2 dogs. I have the privilege of staying home with my 2 daughters primarily but I do stay very busy running my own business, maintaining a short-term rental and long-term rental and I do maintain a part-time position at a local vet clinic. Additionally, I am caregiver to a family member with dementia. With all of the roles that I play in a day, I do love staying organized and allowing my mind to release during journaling, meditation and working out. I am passionate about sharing the beautiful details of life with my daughters as I hope they can obtain joy from the smallest things to beautify each and every day!

We live in beautiful state, what do you enjoy doing with your children outdoors?

I love being outside especially with my daughters. At this current moment my 2-year-old is going through a phase where she does not want to be anywhere outside in the cold but hoping this will be done shortly. We mostly spend our time going for walks, tending to the goats and chickens or the girls love grabbing fresh fruit and veggies from the garden!

What advice do you have for first time moms?

behind the scenes with vanessa

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