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Robin, Inspiring Mom

Before we talk about your business, tell us who you are?

I’m Robin. A woman doing a deep dive to continue discovering my truth, I’m an avid learner and adventurer at heart. I’ve been married to Mark for almost 38 years, we’ve raised 2 boys who are almost 30 and 35 and are expecting our first grandbaby at the end of June! (yahoo!) I’m a grateful wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend, mentor, and encourager, deep connection with like-minded women fill me up.


My journey started in 1981 as I was healing from an eating disorder. I discovered group exercise at an all-women gym and quickly went from being a member to an exercise technician, to assist. manager, to manager. (Get this: the name of it was Glorie Stevens Figure Salon, the mascot’s name was Shirley Shapely, and we wore leotards, tights, and leg warmers! :)) I was the regional Aerobics director and got to bring back routines from Boston where corporate headquarters was, I really loved it for the time the company existed. The experience changed my life; I put myself in a place of accountability and vulnerability, and I never looked back.

Over the years, I stayed involved in fitness, teaching classes on the side while also bringing in real money (the main one being Nail Designs by Robin). I became a certified personal trainer in 2002, when I was approached by a gal from one of my aerobics classes to train her. She didn’t care that I wasn’t certified, but I did, and so it started!

What I believe sets me apart is my personal experience with food and body, my empathy for others, and my deep desire to keep learning and sharing so I can help women love themselves more. I want to free women from the diet mentality and help them connect with themselves more deeply, so they understand that they have everything they need to make choices with grace and ease. I co-create with my clients, not dictate to them. There are common patterns, yes, but every woman is in a different place so cookie-cutter training would be a huge disservice. I help women gain confidence with their exercise, become the eater they want to be, and I hold the belief for them until they hold it in themselves.

Currently what I’m most proud of is offering Mind-Body Do-Overs in the form of workshops, retreats, 1:1 and groups. I love to create experiences that encompass my above philosophies and are based around Mindset. Getting away from harsh rules that have been popular in the wellness industry, offers my clients a clean slate to build a REAL foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?

Your Must Read

Tara Mohr’s Playing Big! (Please let me know if/when you read!)

just for fun

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If yes, what is it? If no, why?

I don’t want to knock NYR’s, but I don’t believe they materialize. I believe in setting intentions to create what we want in the New year, but it needs to start before Jan. 1st and needs to have a BIG reason behind its importance (WHY) to stay sticky!

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  1. Kimberly Gilbert

    I simply love who you’ve become and I applaud you stepping out to something bigger than yourself. Keep living your best life!

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