Truth be told…

Have you ever “committed” to something and then not gone through with it? I have and here’s the truth…..   We say we are committed to something because we “really” want the result, but then we can’t figure out why we can’t get ourselves to do what we are supposed to do. 

We want to get up early each day but we sleep in instead.

We want to publish a blog post weekly but then aren’t doing it most of the time.

We want to eat healthier but we keep choosing junk food.   Does this sound familiar?   In reality, we have to own our truth.

We really want it but aren’t fully committed. 
We have to come to peace about the truth.
Commitment is what we feel when our child is in danger. We are committed to our children’s safety so we will do whatever is necessary to protect them.   And sometimes we want a result in our lives… but we don’t want it no matter what.   My truth is: I am gaining weight like crazy to the point that it is really starting to get to me. I have never been this heavy in my life- actually that is a lie, I have been when I was pregnant. I am stressed out about my weight, to the point that I have even had a breakdown and cried about it.

Today, I had a realization that I had to own my truth, I want to lose weight, but I am not committed to the work, it’s like I am waiting to magically drop the weight. This is a hard pill to swallow, I am not committed to living a healthy life, to losing weight, to feeling confident and sexy again.   Wow- that hurt and I am embarrassed to share that with you, but it is currently my truth.     Now that I have owned it, I want the change, I am excited for the journey, stay tuned.   What have you “committed” to lately? What is your truth?